+Why does innovation potential matter?

Innovation is key to Europe’s prosperity, creating jobs and improving our quality of life. Millions of people are enjoying better health and safety, new smart gadgets and access to information on the go, shaping better lives.

+What is the problem?

Europe’s innovation potential is threatened by Patent Assertion Entities (PAE’s do not make anything. Instead, they buy up patents just for the purpose of demanding payments from productive companies by exploiting the legal system). Innovations that improve our quality of life are at risk. IP2Innovate companies are creating and patenting new inventions every day. But innovators are facing stifled innovation, scared investors or lost customers because of abusive lawsuits by PAE's. People are missing out on new inventions. They could face delays and price hikes. Innovation’s full potential is being lost.

+What is the solution?

Europe needs a robust, balanced and flexible legal system that protects innovators against abuse, works in the public interest and rewards innovators. Patent court judges must have the ability to assess appropriate remedies and balance the rights and interests of all market participants.

+How are we working to achieve this change?

IP2Innovate is bringing together policy makers and the legal profession to hear the inside story of abusive patent lawsuits, sharing concrete case studies of stifled innovation, and working together to press for a robust, balanced and flexible legal system.

+What is our vision?

IP2Innovate wants a Europe where innovation flourishes free from attacks by Patent Assertion Entities that exploit Europe’s patent legal system. With a robust, balanced and flexible legal system, Europe’s prosperity can be enriched and people can enjoy innovation’s full potential.